Fluid cleanliness is of paramount importance to maintain a lubricant quality and ensure trouble free operation.

This is where the Des-Case range of filter breathers in both disposable and re-buildable capabilities comes in. The removal of solid contaminants to 3 micron absolute plus 99.9% moisture removal meet the criteria for efficiency as well as cost effectiveness.

Moisture ingestion is a major cause of machinery failure, yet many people do not make any serious efforts to exclude air/moisture from their machinery.

EngineCare have represented Des-Case Corporation of U.S.A. since 2003. Des-Case are a leading manufacturer of silica-gel breathers, which allow for the passage of air in and out of the machinery but maintains the air in a clean and dry state. This ensures moisture is excluded from the unit, which increases the life of any lubricant or product and reduces any rust or scale formation.

Des-Case manufacture a wide range of disposable and re-usable units, plus products which include filters, to remove moisture or particles where these are likely contaminants in oils. Generally, particular breathers are required to meet your specific requirements.

Breathe easier when your lubricants are protected from harmful moisture and particulates. has an extensive range of breathers and fluid handling products.

EngineCare will help ensure the correct product is recommended for maximum efficiency and longevity— please contact us for advice.

Disposable Breather

The Disposable Breather for the Hydraulic system is located remotely under the truck cab for protection. With a colour change on the desiccant indicating the Breather is to be replaced.

Disposable Breathers installed onto a Pump Gearbox at a Processing Plant.

Disposable Breather 2
Heavy Duty Disposable

A Heavy Duty Disposable Steel Breather installed in a hydraulic system on a Road Surface Crushing Machine.

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