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Tan Delta, is pleased to announce the availability of the NEW OQSx-G2 oil condition monitoring sensor. 

USP’s for your customers:

  • Cost-effective – RRP reduced by over 25% compared with previous sensor models.
  • Highly sensitive – Will detect oil changes ~5ppm.
  • Oil quality change sensitivity detection of 0.01% (10ppm) with an accuracy margin of +/-0.5%.
  • Robust environmental specification – Increased pressure and temperature tolerances, increased vibration resistance and IP68 rated.
  • Increased flexibility – Modular design enables more choices of connectivity and integration and enhanced customisation options for manufacturers. 

View the OQSx-G2 technical data sheet

Supporting information:

  • All supporting literature and documentation are available through our distributor portal on the new website.
  • We will provide ongoing support for projects where our Gen 1 sensor is installed and will provide retro-fit options for project upgrades.

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