You cannot control that which you do not measure.

This is the goal for all oil sampling procedures. With the emphasis in being able to take an oil sample safely, quickly and always consistently from the same location.

One extremely important part of efficient machinery operation is care of the lubrication fluids it uses. Not only do you need a clean lubricant, the lubricant itself is often carrying indicators of potential problems. Regular, accurate testing of the lubricant is a vital component of a good maintenance programme as it will often provide an early indicator of wear problems.

Checkfluid were established in 2001 to manufacture innovative oil sampling valves and related hardware. They became ISO9001 accredited in 2009.

Checkfluid offer a wide range of specialised valves to facilitate easy sample extraction from running equipment so that testing can be easily undertaken. It is critical that the samples taken are not subjected to external contamination and that the extraction process has not exposed the machine to moisture or contamination. It is important that consistent repeatable oil samples are taken to provide meaningful lab report data; the Checkfluid systems allow for that 100% of the time.

Sample with confidence. Hot active oil taken from the same location gives highly representative samples. has a large range of products available for all types of sampling situations.

EngineCare can create specialised sampling/viewing products to match your specific requirements — please contact us for advice.

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