Reduced wear, greater longevity, increased power, reduced consumption.

An exciting new product range from Germany, Rewitec products rebuild worn surfaces within lubricated working machinery. The product is a nanotechnology based ceramic filler that uses the machines’ lubricant as a carrier and resurfaces traditional wear areas. The result is a machine/engine with reduced wear and, therefore, greater longevity; increased power due to the reduction in friction; and reduced fuel/energy consumption.

Rewitec has uses in almost any machine, engine, gearbox and compressor. It can use any type of oil or grease as the carrier and will produce a recognisable difference. It is compatible with all types of oil from mineral to full synthetic.

Efficient surface refinement and minimising wear for long-lasting performance. has products for cars, trucks, buses, ships, construction machinery, block heat / power plants, trains, two-wheelers, motorboats, garden equipment and much more.

For every use there is a formula designed to suit the application— EngineCare can help you match your specific requirements—please contact us for advice.

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