Tan Delta

Reduce operating costs and increase productivity

Maximise your equipment productivity using onboard oil condition monitoring, which has been proven to reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

The newest of EngineCare’s agencies is Tan Delta Systems Ltd of the United Kingdom. At the leading edge of insitu lubricant testing, Tan Delta offer a product that can provide constant analysis and a simple read-out system that will alert your machinery users as their lubricants reach the end of their lifecycle or, more importantly, if any sudden wear or other problem is imminent. It is 60 times more sensitive to all major contaminants affecting oil performance, which could lead to a catastrophic failure.

The accuracy of Tan Delta has been confirmed and verified by lab analysis making it a very useful tool. In addition to machine installations, there is also a portable mobile oil tester (MOT), which can be used over a variety of applications.

The Tan Delta system provides both a simple green/orange/red alert system for an operator, as well as a computer analysis, as and when required. Unattended machinery can be analysed via wireless systems too, so the systems have a very wide operating field.

Oil monitoring enables zero risk extension of service intervals resulting in immediate cash operating cost reductions through reduced maintenance and oil usage.

www.tandeltasystems.com for flexible, cost effective monitoring systems.

EngineCare can help tailor a system to your need— please contact us for advice.

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