Gulf Coast

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A range of submicron bypass filters for either oil or fuels, that can be permanently installed or in a mobile situation such as filter cart.

The original EngineCare Systems product—this is a true gem of a product—a simple lubricant and fuel cleaning system, which has stood the test of time.

The Gulf Coast filter has a wide variety of uses and continues to outperform ever more exotic cleaning systems. An inexpensive paper-based filter that simply extracts high levels of contaminants to less than one micron and also adsorbs suspended water molecules. Thus ensuring clean and chemically dry fluids all the time. In so doing the oil life along with machine lifetime can be greatly extended.

These units have many years of unfailing excellence. From allowing long haul trucks to run for millions of kilometres without serious wear or failure to cleaning and drying diesel fuel for marine use, this system rarely fails and has been a mainstay of EngineCare for a quarter of a century; supported by major end users, both civil and military.

The secret to longer engine life and extended oil change intervals is quite simple, keep the oil in new to near new quality at all times. has the finest filtration products on the market.

EngineCare’s expertise in this field is unparalleled and we’ll help you choose an appropriate product for your use—please contact us for advice.

Gulf Coast Filter Module

A Gulf Coast Filter Module that is set up to process  a maximum 4,000 L of oil in a hazardous area which is why an Air Pump is used, which has its air supply pre-filtered through a smaller GCF unit ensuring it is clean and dry. This Module can be set to work on lower oil volumes by way of the valve system.

A Gulf Coast High Pressure Filter Cart to process a maximum 1,000 L of oil. With electric motor/pump and by-pass valve for fluid transfer when required. Plus pressure gauges and drain tray.

Gulf Coast High Pressure Cart
Golf Coast Large Industrial Filter

This Gulf Coast Filter Module is installed on a large Industrial 18L engine Power Generator running 24/7. It is set up so that the Module can easily be serviced without shutting down the Generator.

Special Filtration Systems cleaning and drying Transformer Oil. With a built moisture data recorder and piping to suit fluid transfer.

Special Filtration Systems
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