Reduced wear, greater longevity, increased power, reduced consumption.

An exciting new product range from Germany, Rewitec products rebuild worn surfaces within lubricated working machinery. The product is a nanotechnology based ceramic filler that uses the machines’ lubricant as a carrier and resurfaces traditional wear areas. The result is a machine/engine with reduced wear and, therefore, greater longevity; increased power due to the reduction in friction; and reduced fuel/energy consumption.

Rewitec has uses in almost any machine, engine, gearbox and compressor. It can use any type of oil or grease as the carrier and will produce a recognisable difference. It is compatible with all types of oil from mineral to full synthetic.

Efficient surface refinement and minimising wear for long-lasting performance. has products for cars, trucks, buses, ships, construction machinery, block heat / power plants, trains, two-wheelers, motorboats, garden equipment and much more.

For every use there is a formula designed to suit the application— EngineCare can help you match your specific requirements—please contact us for advice.

Rewitec Running Smoothly

REWITEC ensures green motor energy. Sometimes a small addition can make all the difference. This is certainly the case with the innovative technology of lubrication expert REWITEC. Their nano and micro-particle-based lubricant additives positively and sustainably affect the service life, energy consumption, and safety of systems, machinery and gearboxes, and hence make a considerable contribution to protect the environment.

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This ERF Cummins is 21 years old and has 1.6 million kms on the clock. Still on the daily run from Wellington to Masterton. It was recently treated with the German Rewitec engine power upgrade and wear protection product. Since then it is up a gear with a full B train load over the Rimutaka’s with the new power increase. With the Rewitec plus the Gulf Coast filter, that has been on for most of its life, it runs to 100,000 km oil changes. Who knows what its lifetime will go to under these conditions? 

Rewitec Linehaul
Rewitec Lufkin gearbox

This Lufkin gearbox had been grossly overloaded and the VA indicated it was way outside acceptable limits and should be taken out for a rebuild. The Rewitec was applied to this some six years ago and the VA came down 63% to within normal range. It is still running with no further issues.

These Big End Bearings are out of an 18 L engine that generates power for a major production plant facility. The Rewitec was applied at 79,000 hours and these bearings were inspected at 96,000 hours or after 2 years of continuous running and were still within new tolerances.

Rewitec Big End Bearings
Rewitec WCEAM Best Industry Case Award

We are really proud to receive the “WCEAM Best Industry Case Award“ this year in Stavanger, Norway. After the nomination and successful presentation, the committee decided to award this prize to the REWITEC GmbH in Germany.

The WCEAM (World Congress on Engineering Asset Management) awards this prize to the most innovative and promising technology in optimisation of industrial assets.

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